Applying for Social Security Disability benefits? Talk To a Local Disability Attorney First!

Applying For Social Security Disability? Talk To a Local Disability Attorney First! If you’ve been injured in a way that leaves you unable to work for an extended period of time, and you’ve already paid into the Social Security system, there’s a good chance you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Unfortunately, the application process […]

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Finding the Best Social Security Disability Attorney Near You

Whether you’ve already filed your Social Security disability claim or are considering doing so, having a reliable Social Security disability attorney like Merryl Jones, Second Chance Lawyer, can provide a host of benefits. We’ve collected some of the best ways of finding the right attorney for your Waco, TX, Social Security services here! Asking People […]


Three Advantages of Hiring an SSI Attorney for Your Disability Benefits Claim

When it comes to disability, there are two different types of federal benefits you can receive from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits will provide you and your family with monthly benefits only if you have worked long enough and previously paid enough Social Security taxes.  There are exceptions if you are […]

A Great Social Security Disability Attorney Can Help You Get Your Benefits!

If you’ve been injured and find yourself unable to work, there’s a good chance you qualify for a Social Security disability claim. This can help you support yourself while you recuperate or provide funding if you’re permanently disabled. Unfortunately, the process is difficult and complicated. Even minor mistakes might cause you to be denied, even […]