Are You Able to Work While Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits?

These days, every little bit of financial assistance helps, especially as you get on in years. Having the right benefits will ensure you can meet both your daily obligations as well as plan for a comfortable retirement. However, navigating the gray areas of Social Security disability benefits and insurance can often be a little overwhelming, so the team from Second Chance Lawyer is here to help.

As a Waco Social Security disability lawyer, Merryl Jones from Second Chance Lawyer has helped many people get the benefits they deserve. If you are still working, this does not necessarily mean you can’t also be receiving benefits; it all depends on your case.

Here are some insights into how it works.

Working & Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits

Every applicant for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits is assessed on a case-by-case basis.  This is true for those who are unable to work, as well as those who are still working and also want to receive benefits. Often, you won’t be able to receive your same salary while receiving SSDI but you may be able to receive some income. Generally speaking, if you qualify for disability, it won’t be possible for you to perform work you normally would if you weren’t suffering from a disability.  This means the income you receive from employment will be less than what you’d normally get if you had no disability. If you are unable to perform work at the substantial gainful activity level, then you could qualify for benefits and still receive some income.

The Social Security Administration currently defines substantial gainful activity (SGA) for the year 2021as having the ability to perform duties and make more than $1,310 per month (or if you’re blind, $2,190 per month). These amounts vary from year to year based on national average wage index.  However, the Social Security Administration encourages recipients to return to their daily working routine if possible.  Therefore, there are some exceptions to the SGA rule. One such exception applies to SSDI recipients’ ability to use a trial work period.  It’s possible during this time to make more than the SGA amount without sacrificing your SSDI benefits.

How Does the Trial Work Period Work?

The trial work period for SSDI recipients lasts nine months and gives employees receiving benefits a chance to test out their abilities.  Thus, they can return to work while receiving pay from their employer in addition to their regular disability benefits. Any SSDI recipient with a monthly income of more than $940 is considered by the Social Security Administration to be undergoing a trial work month. Additionally, for those who are self-employed, any month where you work more than 80 hours falls into this trial-work category.

What Happens Next After Completing the Trial Work Period?

It’s important to note that the nine months that make up your trial work period don’t need to be consecutive. Once the nine months are finished, should you decide to return to work, you’ll usually be able to receive SSDI benefits any time your earnings fall below that SGA average. However, this only lasts for three years. This three-year period is referred to as the extended period of eligibility. Your SSDI benefits should only stop after your trial work period if your income is considered substantial by the Social Security Administration.

However, you may still have the option to have your benefits reinstated.  For five years after the trial period, you should not be required to file a new application if you need to stop working again and go back on disability. Additionally, if you are working and there are added expenses due to your disability that any other person wouldn’t have, these could also be calculated into the benefits you receive each month.

Can I Work & Also Receive Supplemental Security Income?

Those working who also want to receive their Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits will need to make certain that their earnings don’t exceed the Social Security Administration’s income limit for benefits. It’s important to note that if you’re working while also receiving SSI benefits, the average amount of your benefits will be reduced according to the wages you’re earning.

Are There Any Reporting Requirements Necessary?

If you’re working and receiving either SSDI or SSI benefits, you’ll need to report to the Social Security Administration on a regular basis to let them know your status. In addition to reporting your wages each month, you’ll also be required to report things like:

  • Any changes to duties, work hours, or pay scale
  • The start and stop date for any job
  • Whether you incur any work-related expenses due to your disability

There are a number of different ways you can report such information, either by phone or mail or by checking in with your local Social Security Administration office. For those reporting information by phone, it needs to be done no later than the sixth of the subsequent month; by mail or in-person, the tenth.

Let us be your Social Security disability lawyer

Merryl Jones who is the Second Chance Lawyer has helped thousands of deserving Central Texans win the benefits they deserve and has obtained benefits for 98% of her clients. She’s also received numerous awards, including being named a Martindale-Hubbell Top Rated Lawyer for Ethical Standards & Legal Ability and receiving the Martindale-Hubbell Client Distinction Award for Excellence in Quality of Service. She also has been admitted to practice law in front of the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Merryl Jones and her team at Second Chance Lawyer specializes in SSDI and SSI benefits at every level. We can help you apply for benefits, as well as determine whether or not you qualify for disability. Additionally, for those who have been denied benefits for one reason or another and want to appeal their disability claim, we can help make the process painless.

To learn more about our services and how we can help you receive the benefits you deserve each month, contact us online today or call 1 (800) 749-3612.

When Should I Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Before running out to hire a social security disability lawyer, there are a few things to consider. However, cost should be the least of your concern.  When it comes to costs, there are a lot of misconceptions; but most fees are set by the Social Security Administration. In fact, social security disability lawyers, Merryl Jones from Second Chance Lawyer included, receive payment only if your case is won. There are no fees required upfront.

But Why Should I Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

There a number of reasons why one might consider hiring a social security disability lawyer. The first being that if you plan on filing for disability, then you generally have a greater chance of your case being approved when working with an experienced lawyer. This is because the right disability lawyer will have years of expertise and understand what needs to be done from day one of the application process all the way to your final hearing.

At the hearings claimants will be required to arrive with specific paperwork to be ready which might include everything from a note from your doctor to other medical evidence supporting your disability. A reliable disability attorney will know you personally along with all of the details of your case.  They can help ensure all of the paperwork and evidence you will need to present a strong case is in order, and they will help you collect it.

The benefits of hiring a disability lawyer don’t stop there. If your case should be denied for one reason or another, and most initial claims are denied, then you will want a disability attorney to file an appeal for your disability claim. They will be able to argue on your behalf and help the court determine whether the Social Security Administration wrongly denied your right to the benefits you deserve.

Should I Call for a Disability Lawyer?

Usually, the sooner you can start collecting evidence and preparing for hearings, then the better. So, it is recommended you contact an experienced social security disability lawyer as soon as you decide to file for disability. That way you can take the time to prepare the strongest possible case, backed by all of the necessary documents and evidence collected by you and your lawyer.

Let us be your Social Security disability lawyer!

For more about filing for social security disability, contact Merryl Jones and her team at Second Chance Lawyer today online, or call 1 (800) 749-3612.

Tips for Preparing for a Social Security Disability Hearing

In many cases, it can take a person more than one appeal before their Social Security disability benefits are awarded. This can be due to a variety of reasons, such as improper evidence or paperwork or other more complicated issues. That is why Merryl Jones and her team from Second Chance Lawyer is here to help you with all of your social security disability filings and appeals.

Here are a few of the things to consider that will allow you to present the very best case for your next hearing!

Obtaining & Requesting Up-to-Date Medical Records

Since your request for disability benefits will rely heavily on your state of health and ability to work, obtaining up-to-date medical records is the most important part of filing for disability when presenting evidence at your hearing. Obtaining medical records, however, can often be easier said than done and can sometimes take a while, which is why working with a lawyer for social security disability appeal may be beneficial. They’ll know what to look for and can sometimes expedite the process. Merryl Jones and her team at Second Chance Lawyer can often obtain your medical records for free in the State of Texas.

There is a common misconception that the Social Security Administration (SSA) will obtain medical information on your behalf for your hearing; this is not always the case. That is why it is essential for those applying for benefits to have also done the groundwork and have their latest medical information available. Having up-to-date medical records has more to do with the date they were issued than the last time you saw the doctor. They need to be requested and issued, and then presented in front of a judge all within a specific time frame for them to remain relevant; otherwise your case could be denied outright.

Getting a Doctor’s Statement

Having a statement from your doctor pertaining to your disability will strengthen your chances of being awarded any benefits you deserve. This statement should be in the form of a detailed letter explaining precisely the activities you are unable to perform due to your disability, inhibiting your ability to work. These are considered “functional” limitations that will affect your job. Additionally, having friends, relatives, other health practitioners, and coworkers write similar letters on your behalf can often help strengthen your case.

Reviewing Your Case File

Prior to your disability hearing, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will allow you to review your case file. Taking a look at your case file can provide you valuable insight about the strength of your case once it appears in front of a judge. For those who have been denied disability previously, your case file should detail any missing paperwork, medical records, or errors that prevented you from being granted your disability payment.  Working with an experienced lawyer for Social Security disability appeal throughout this process will further strengthen your case by ensuring these details are addressed, and tying up any loose ends.

If Submitting/Requesting Updated Medical Records on Your Own, Remember:

  • Request them from all of your medical providers as soon as you learn the date of your hearing.
  • The hearing office is required to provide you with 75 days of notice prior to the hearing, so if you didn’t get that much time, it should be addressed immediately.
  • Upon receiving your updated medical records, keep one copy for yourself and submit the remaining ones to the hearing office.

A Few More Things Before You Go…

There are two different types of Social Security benefits that you can receive depending on your situation. The first is Social Security Disability Insurance, which is meant for those who have worked for many years and have paid into the Social Security system. The second is Supplemental Security Income which is available for those with limited resources. There are no tax or work requirements to receive this benefit.

Qualifying for Social Security Disability Benefits in Texas

Although the state doesn’t approve Social Security disability insurance solely on such a basis, there is a list of conditions that are commonly covered, such as:

  • You are disabled.
  • As of the date you became disabled, you must have worked under Social Security for at least five of the last 10 years.
  • You have earned sufficient work credits by paying Social Security taxes in the past.

What is the SSA’s Definition of “Disabled?”

When it comes to explicitly outlining the definition of disabled, according to the SSA, being disabled means when your mental or physical condition has prevented you from working for at least a year or more. In such cases, scheduling regular medical appointments and documenting your case is an absolute must if you plan on claiming disability.

What If I’m Denied Social Security Disability Benefits?

As mentioned above, there is a possibility that your claim could be denied. If it is, you’ll only have 60 days to respond and appeal your case. Even if your case is later denied by an administrative law judge, there are still options to appeal it, so don’t despair.

When Second Chance Lawyer works with you on your appeals case, we make it our duty to:

  • Prepare your testimony
  • Make helpful legal arguments before and during the hearing
  • Question witnesses
  • Understand your impairments
  • Analyze your Social Security file
  • Prepare your case
  • Obtain important evidence such as medical records
  • Cross-examine any medical and/or vocational experts who testify at your hearing
  • File appeals in a timely manner (if necessary)
  • Represent you at each stage of your claim

Let us be your lawyer for Social Security disability appeal!

For those just filing for disability or who want to appeal their cases, you likely have a lot of questions. Merryl Jones and her team at Second Chance Lawyer can help put your mind at ease, so contact us online today or call (254) 776-3611 (Waco) or (254) 493-0345 (Temple).

5 Important Questions to Ask During Your Initial Consultation with a Disability Lawyer

Sufferers of disabilities often feel overwhelmed when navigating medical examinations, court hearings, and other processes required when applying for Social Security disability benefits. Hence, many individuals seek out legal representation to ensure a smooth process and a higher chance of a positive outcome. Unfortunately, not all SSDI attorneys are the same and clients often find themselves confused or dissatisfied with the legal process.

In order to find an SSDI attorney who has ample experience representing clients in similar positions, and who offers excellent legal services, there are a few important questions that will help prospective clients assess the attorney during an initial case evaluation. At Second Chance Lawyer, Merryl Jones prides herself on her proven track record of winning Social Security benefits for countless disabled individuals across Texas. Below we have listed the top five questions that can be used to gauge the competence of an SSDI attorney.

5 Questions to Ask an SSDI Attorney

1. How many Social Security disability cases have you successfully resolved?

Requesting the details of your attorney’s experience is an excellent way to assess their qualification as an SSDI lawyer. Many attorneys offer a variety of legal services with minimal experience in certain areas. At Second Chance Lawyer, Merryl Jones has advocated for thousands of claimants, and winning Social Security benefits in over 98% of the cases she has handled.

SSDI attorneys with a high level of experience know how to navigate the court system, appeal to the judges in their jurisdiction, and accurately convey the client’s limitations as a sufferer of physical or mental health issues. Experienced attorneys will also be able to advise on various complications that may arise during the application process such as disability overpayment or reconsideration requests.

2. What information will I be responsible for providing?

One of the most important elements of a successful Social Security disability case is proof of the client’s limitations. Your attorney should be able to answer these types of specific questions and go over proof of your disability using all of the evidence you will be required to gather prior to your hearing.

SSDI attorneys are responsible for conveying up to five key items that will need to be proven in order for the client to access disability benefits. First, you will need to prove that you are not earning or being provided with any more than the maximum income which makes disabled individuals eligible for these benefits. Second, you will be expected to provide proof of the medical impairment, which prevents you from earning substantial income. Additionally, clients are responsible for outlining and proving their limitations, and how they relate to their disability. This is further proven by providing evidence that the described limitations have directly affected your performance in a recent professional position. Finally, SSDI attorneys should relate the expectation for the client to prove that they lack work opportunities in the current economy.

Depending on the region you live in, these items can be proven using a variety of different methods and documentation. It is therefore the responsibility of the attorney to provide accurate information so that claimants are prepared for their disability hearing.

3. Who would be my primary point of contact throughout the case?

Reliable attorneys should exhibit organization and efficiency by assigning specific points of contact to each of their clients. If your attorney is not able to provide you with the names of specific members of staff who will be handling your case, this should be considered a major red flag. At Second Chance Lawyer, all clients can expect to meet with Merryl Jones personally, and use her as their primary point of contact throughout the entire case. Merryl is supported by two legal assistants named Amanda and Anita, who can also be reached in the event that the client has an urgent question or concern and are not able to reach Merryl at that time. Merryl maintains an open dialogue so that her legal assistants are well informed of the status of each of her cases, and so that her clients have additional individualized legal support.

4. How long should I expect the process to take?

Embarking on a Social Security disability case is a big step, and clients often wonder how long they should expect it to take before their case is resolved. An experienced SSDI attorney will be able to give you a time estimate based on past cases and local processing times. From the moment an initial application is submitted, clients can expect the process to take up to nine months before the case is resolved. However, if an application is denied during a disability hearing or prior to this stage, a second submission may take up to twice as long to be processed.

The best way to avoid extensive wait times is by working with an experienced attorney who will thoroughly prepare you for your hearing. With the help of a top-rated SSDI attorney like Merryl Jones, clients have a much higher chance of initial application approval.

5. What type of client-attorney relationship should I expect?

One of the biggest variants throughout law offices is the style of communication between clients and attorneys. At Second Chance Lawyer, our clients have the support of our entire legal team. We understand how stressful living with a disability can be, which is why we are dedicated to providing our clients with a high level of compassion and respect. Throughout the entire legal process, our staff is here to answer any questions you may have, provide a comfortable atmosphere, and help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Our objective is to establish an open line of communication and remove the burden from clients throughout all legal proceedings. Additionally, Merryl Jones works on a 100% contingency basis, meaning clients are not expected to pay any legal fees until they receive their benefits.


If you are suffering from a disability that impairs your ability to work, Second Chance Lawyer is here to help. Schedule a free case evaluation today by filling out our online form or calling one of our Texas offices.


Ways to Successfully Answer Questions at Your Disability Hearing

Speaking in front of a judge is intimidating enough without the added pressure of knowing your answers to their questions could determine your access to benefits. For this reason, claimants should arrive at their hearing prepared with useful information and enough practice to answer the judge’s questions successfully.

Fortunately, there are a few tactics that have been proven to produce positive results during a disability hearing. Continue reading to learn a few ways that our trusted disability lawyers at Second Chance Lawyer recommend answering questions during a hearing.

Tips for Responding to Questions During a Disability Hearing

Avoid vague responses

The key to a successful disability hearing is conveying the profound impact that your disability has had on your life. Those who are preparing for a hearing should write down a list of specific reasons why their disability has impeded their ability to find work and perform well. Additionally, our disability lawyers recommend practicing statements so that you are comfortable going into depth when describing your impairment in the courtroom.

As an example, someone with severe depression may want to describe the physical manifestations of this illness, such as a feeling of lethargy, extreme fatigue, and a crippling inability to stay on task at work. A claimant should feel free to go into as much detail as possible and reference medical examinations so that the judge is able to find favorably for them.

Improve credibility with honest answers

During a disability hearing, sufferers of disabilities often exaggerate or minimize symptoms in an anxious attempt to adhere to the judge’s expectations. We recommend avoiding these tendencies at all costs since judges are trained to differentiate between honest and exaggerated statements. One of the easiest ways to ensure you create an honest depiction of your disability is to speak to your loved ones, your physician, and your lawyer in the days leading up to your hearing. Recording common statements that you use to describe your impairment to various people will help guide your answers to questions during your hearing.  You should expect to go through a couple of hours of preparation with your lawyer a couple of weeks prior to your hearing to prepare you for your hearing or at least that is the benefit of choosing Attorney Merryl Jones at Second Chance Lawyer.

Contact a reputable disability lawyer today at 800-749-3612 to prepare for your hearing.


The Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Disability Firm in Texas

Finding the right social security disability law firm can sometimes be an overwhelming process. During your search, you will inevitably find some nationwide firms along with local lawyers and firms. In this post, we wanted to highlight the benefits of choosing an in-state option, and how Merryl Wash Jones’ firm can help you.

Three Reasons to Choose an In-State Law Firm

  • In-Person Communication & Meetings

One big benefit of choosing a social security disability law firm is that they will be able to handle your case and work with you in person. You will have access to an actual lawyer who can discuss and go over details and fully understands your case – this is especially beneficial when leading up to your case. Conversely, if you have a national firm on your side, you may be speaking to a paralegal or Junior Attorney. In some cases, you may never have to opportunity to actually speak to an attorney. A local social security disability firm will be there for all your needs, unlike with a national firm where you will be a case number and not given the proper attorney attention your case needs.

Also, you can always visit your local social security disability firm’s office to ask any questions or concerns you may have and see or sign any paperwork that is needed in a timely fashion.

  • Social Security Administration & Other Local Experience

A social security disability law firm and attorney that has local experience dealing with a Social Security office, specialists, and doctors, will have forged contacts and professional relationships with many of these people. This can prove to be very beneficial when dealing with cases and how it is both handled and prepared.

  • Local Firms Understand the Local Legal Landscape

When dealing with social security cases, all cases are initially heard by a state’s administrative law judge. Since all states and judges are different, it can be beneficial to have a local social security disability lawyer and firm that is familiar with the judge handling your case, and how they may handle your proceedings. There are many details and ways to present and highlight aspects of a case that a certain judge may prefer that only a local attorney will understand.

Social Security Attorney Merryl Jones (The Second Chance Lawyer) Can Help

To have your case evaluated for free and for more information in the event your Social Security claim was denied, contact the social security disability law firm of Merryl Jones today.

What You Should Know About Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits in Texas

If you’ve recently become disabled and unable to work in Texas, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Receiving these benefits can immeasurably improve your life by reducing your need for income, allowing you to focus on healing and recovering.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about applying for Social Security disability benefits in Texas.

How do I start applying for Social Security disability in Texas?

There are three basic ways.  You can:

What information will I need to provide when applying for Social Security disability?

You will be expected to provide a lot of documentation of your condition and the extent of your disabilities.  Individual cases may vary, but in general, you will need:

  • Your Social Security number
  • Proof of your age, such as a standard ID
  • Names and contact details for any healthcare providers, doctors, nurses, hospitals, etc, you have been seeing
  • Dates of your visits to these providers
  • Medical records and documentation of your visits and the healthcare providers’ diagnoses
  • Any relevant laboratory or test results
  • Names and dosages of the medications you are taking
  • A summary of your recent employment history
  • Your most recent W-2, or most recent Federal Tax Return if self-employed

In addition, if you are filing on behalf of family members – or multiple family members became disabled at once – you will need similar information for them, as well as proof of your relationship.

The Social Security Administration will use this information to evaluate the extent of your disability, as well as calculate the amount of benefits you are eligible to receive.  Be accurate and honest!  One of the most common reasons an application is rejected is due to exaggeration or overstatement.

I don’t have all the documents.  Should I wait to apply?

No, start the application process as early as possible.  The Social Security Administration will work with you and help you obtain missing information.

I was denied for benefits!  Is there any way to get a second chance?

Absolutely!  If you’ve been denied Social Security disability benefits in Texas, your next call should be to Merryl Wash Jones – the Second Chance Lawyer.  We specialize in helping disabled Texans get the disability benefits they deserve!

Contact us today for a consultation!


Do You Require an Attorney to Appeal a Social Security Benefit Denial ?

You’ve worked hard your entire life and now it’s time to reap those benefits by receiving the Social Security disability benefits you’re owed. However, not everyone will find it so easy to receive their disability benefits when they apply. There’s a chance your appeal could be denied, forcing the need to hire a Social Security disability lawyer.

As one of the area’s leading Social Security disability attorney, Merryl Jones – Second Chance Lawyer understands how difficult it can be to be denied your benefits. That’s why we’ve collected some insight for you below to help determine when you need a lawyer.

Are You Legally Required to Hire a Lawyer for Your Hearing?

Having an experienced disability lawyer present at your hearing isn’t a legal requirement. However, doing so can greatly improve your chances of winning your appeal. In fact, some studies illustrate that a disability claimant with an attorney present are twice as likely in some cases to win their appeal as one without.

What is the Social Security Disability Appeal Process?

The appeal process begins after your initial application, has been denied.  After this step, you can appeal by filing a request for reconsideration of the denial of your claim. After this step, you can then request a hearing in front of a judge. During your hearing with the administrative law judge, they’ll consider all of the evidence you can provide, like your medical history, as well as testimony from witnesses and yourself as to your disability. The most important component of your hearing will be the medical evidence you can provide to illustrate the extent of your disability.

Having an experienced Social Security disability lawyer at your hearing can benefit you in a number of ways, including:

  • Preparing You for Questioning

Going before a judge to make your Social Security disability claim can be somewhat nerve-racking, meaning you might make mistakes when giving your testimony. However, a reliable attorney will be able to tell you what you can expect out of the hearing and help put you at ease beforehand. Your lawyer can help you practice by asking you questions a judge will likely ask and help you prepare your testimony, ensuring you don’t say anything that could hurt your case.

  • Collecting Your Medical Records

Having comprehensive medical records is one of the most important things when it comes to your hearing. There shouldn’t be any inconsistencies or gaps in your treatment history. However, gathering all this information is often easier said than done, which is where your disability attorney comes in handy. They can easily gather and compile all of the necessary medical records and then give them to the court on your behalf.

Enlisting the help of an attorney to obtain your medical records often has its advantages. They’ll usually be able to obtain them for you more quickly than if you’d requested them yourself. After looking at them, they can tell you when they’re in need of updating. Additionally, once they’ve reviewed your records, they’ll be able to determine if extra documentation is needed to support your claim.

  • Soliciting Doctors’ Opinions

Having opinions from your current doctors is one of the best ways to prove to a judge that your disability claim is legitimate. A good disability lawyer will take the time to contact each of your personal physicians to obtain their opinion about your ability to work. Attorneys are more likely to obtain a timely response.

  • In-Depth Insight

In many cases, your disability attorney may have worked with the particular judge that will be conducting your hearing. This might give you a bit of an in, as your attorney will likely be familiar with the judge’s personal preferences and pet-peeves, enabling them to strengthen up areas of your case they know the judge may find fault with.

Additionally, for those eligible for an on-the-record decision your disability attorney can help you skip your hearing entirely if everything is in order and go straight for approval.

  • Questioning the Vocational Expert at Your Hearing

The Social Security Administration hires a consultant, referred to as a vocational expert, to testify on their behalf to the ability of the claimant to work based on their impairments. During your hearing, the judge will ask this expert about your ability to work based on the most current documented work restrictions. Often, these questions will be phrased in hypothetical scenarios loosely related to your current situation. If the vocational expert finds that even though a claimant is disabled or has suffered an accident, but they’re still able to work, your claim will likely be denied.

However, after the judge hears the vocational expert’s testimony, your attorney will have the chance to cross-examine them. This is where having an experienced disability attorney on your side truly makes a difference. They’ll know what questions to ask and how to exploit any advantage or fault in the vocational expert’s testimony. Your attorney will be able to offer their own set of hypotheticals to counter the vocational expert’s testimony. Since your attorney will be more familiar than the other parties about your medical history, it’s easier for them to find places where the judge or vocational expert may have overlooked the facts.

Will Your Outcome Be Different if You Hire a Disability Attorney?

As mentioned previously, it isn’t a legal requirement to hire a Social Security disability attorney, but the facts above should illustrate that hiring one can drastically improve your chances. Additionally, having an attorney at your disposal will help you save time, preventing the need from collecting paperwork and medical records, and more.

Contact us to hire a lawyer for your Social Security disability appeal!

To learn more about how Second Chance Lawyer can help improve your Social Security disability claim, contact Second Chance Lawyer online today or call 1 (800) 749-3612. For more information about our social security assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, visit us here!


    The Social Security Administration’s own statistics show that claimants who use a lawyer are far more successful in winning their claim than those who don’t.


    “Thank you so much for having the faith to accept this case and getting it approved. We are very thankful.”

    The Smith Family