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The Top Reasons Your Disability Claim May Be Denied

The Top Reasons Your Disability Claim May Be Denied If you’re disabled, it’s important to know what the top reasons are for disability claim denials. Many people are denied disability benefits each year, and often it’s because they don’t meet the eligibility requirements. Here are some of the most common reasons for disability claim denials, […]

Why You Need a Local Disability Lawyer in Waco: The Top Three Reasons

You may be wondering if you need a local disability lawyer. After all, it’s possible to hire a lawyer from anywhere in the country to help with your Social Security case, right? While that is true, there are several good reasons why it may be advantageous to have a local disability attorney represent you. Reason […]


    The Social Security Administration’s own statistics show that claimants who use a lawyer are far more successful in winning their claim than those who don’t.


    “Thank you so much for having the faith to accept this case and getting it approved. We are very thankful.”

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