What is SSI?
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Financial Help for Long-Term Health Problems

When you hear people talking about Social Security disability benefits, a lot of times they’re referring to people who worked for years before they developed serious health problems. Only then did they have to stop working.

What if your medical problems have kept you out of work for a long time? What if you don’t have much work history?

Social Security has a disability benefit that could help you, too. It’s called Supplemental Security Income — or SSI. SSI helps you cover basic living expenses when you have limited income, assets and recent work. But most people get denied for SSI. It’s an enormous and confusing government program. If you get denied, take the burden off your shoulders by having an SSI attorney like Merryl Jones – Second Chance Lawyer help with your SSI appeal.

We deal with this system all the time. We know how to make a successful application. You deserve a second chance to get your life on stable ground as much as anybody else.

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What Do I Get with SSI Benefits?

SSI provides monthly payments to help you keep food on the table and a roof over your head.

In 2023, the Social Security Administration set these monthly amounts:

  • Individuals: $914
  • Married couples: $1,371

If you have some income, it could reduce the amount you receive.

If you qualify for SSI, you probably also qualify for Medicaid to cover the health care services you need to manage your medical condition.

How is SSI Different from SSDI?

It’s easy to mix up SSI and the other large government disability program: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

They have some things in common: They’re both for people who cannot work because of bad health and they’re both run by the Social Security Administration.

The financial qualifications are different:

  • For SSI, you must have limited recent work history and income.
  • For SSDI, you have a significant record of recent work and limited income.

With SSDI, the amount you receive depends on how much you recently earned. SSI sets the standard payment for everyone.

Do I Qualify for SSI Benefits?

If you meet these conditions, you could qualify for SSI:

  • You have a disability that keeps you from working.
  • Your recent work history and income are limited.
  • Your assets and resources – like property and savings – are limited.

If you’re over 65 and you meet the financial requirements, you could qualify for SSI without a disability.

You could also qualify if you’re blind — or if your family supports a child with a disability who’s unable to function like other children the same age.

Don’t lose time wondering whether you qualify and delay applying for benefits.

SSI attorney, Merryl Jones, can determine if you have a case.

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How to Apply for SSI

When you apply for SSI benefits, one of the most important things you’ll need is medical evidence proving your condition makes it impossible to work.

You’ll also need to show your financial resources are limited.

You’ll need several types of documentation:

  • Reports from your doctors
  • Dates when you received treatment
  • Contact information for your health care providers
  • Prescriptions
  • Your income
  • Your savings
  • Property you own
  • Descriptions of past jobs
  • Dates when you were employed

It’s important for your application to be complete and correct. Second Chance Lawyer – Merryl Jones and her team can help you make sure you have everything in order.

You pay no attorney’s fee until you win benefits, and it costs nothing for you to talk to us about your situation.
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What if I Get Denied?

It can be devastating to get denied when you were counting on those benefits, but it’s not over.

You can – and should – appeal the decision. You can take your appeal through four levels:

  1. Reconsideration by Social Security.
  2. A hearing with a Social Security administrative law judge.
  3. Review by the Social Security Appeals Council.
  4. Filing a lawsuit in federal court.

Social Security has its own separate legal system, courts and judges. Especially when you’re appealing, it can make a big difference to have an SSI lawyer experienced in this area.

Social Security’s own numbers have shown you have a better chance of winning benefits with professional representation.

Get an SSI Lawyer Who Cares About Your Case

SSI lawyer, Merryl Jones, and her legal team know you’re going through a difficult time. She’s your Second Chance Lawyer.

We know your SSI case could have a prolonged impact on your family.

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