What is SSDI in Waco?

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits are available for those people who have worked and paid FICA taxes for a sufficient number of quarters, and who are suffering from medical impairments which make it impossible to sustain any type of work activity. Basically for SSDI you must have paid FICA taxes while working for ten years in your life, and for five of the ten years prior to the date that you became totally disabled. The requirements are adjusted for people who are less than 28 years-old.

SSDI benefits may also be available for disabled widows/widowers more than 50 years-old and who became totally disabled within 7 years of their spouse’s death; and for persons who can prove that they became totally disabled before age 22 and who have a parent on SSDI or on the SS retirement program.


    The Social Security Administration’s own statistics show that claimants who use a lawyer are far more successful in winning their claim than those who don’t.


    “Thank you so much for having the faith to accept this case and getting it approved. We are very thankful.”

    The Smith Family