Hiring A National Vs. Local Disability Attorney

A quick internet search will yield many law firms that specialize in Social Security disability claims. While it might be tempting to hire a nationwide firm, it’s almost always a better choice to hire a local disability attorney.

3 Benefits Of A Local Social Security Disability Law Firm

Although Social Security claims can be handled by an attorney from any state, there are certain benefits to having local disability attorney represent you:

Benefit #1: Face-to-Face Meetings. Working with a local Social Security disability law firm allows you to meet with the attorney who is handling your claim in person early on in the case. This has many advantages including being able to discuss your case in depth before the hearing. When you work with a national firm, you run the risk of being passed off to the a Junior Attorney or Paralegal and never meeting the actual attorney who is handling your case until the day of the hearing. This hardly sets you up for a successful case. You are nothing more than a name and a case number to such an attorney so they have less invested in representing you to the best of their ability. Furthermore, there may be nuances to your case that are better communicated in person and hiring a local disability attorney to assist you gives you the advantage of having a physical office location to visit, to deliver documentation to and ask your questions.

Benefit #2: Familiarity With Local Judges. All Social Security cases are first heard by administrative law judges in your state. Each judge has a different way of handling cases and it can help your case immensely to have a local lawyer who knows the judges and their peculiarities. This will allow the attorney to present your case the way the judge prefers. Having a judge who knows your attorney and what to expect from him or her can help your case too, especially if the judge respects the attorney’s work.

Benefit #3: Familiarity With Local SSA Staff and Physicians. Again, a local attorney will have contacts at the local Social Security offices and with local doctors and specialists. Those relationships can be very beneficial to your case and can be a big influence with how your case is prepared and handled.

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    The Social Security Administration’s own statistics show that claimants who use a lawyer are far more successful in winning their claim than those who don’t.


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