Why You Need a Central Texas, Waco or Temple
Social Security Disability Lawyer

You don’t have to have a lawyer to file and pursue a claim for benefits. However, the Social Security Administration’s own statistics show that claimants who use a lawyer are far more successful in winning their claim than those who don’t.

When you initially file a claim for benefits, you will be required to fill out a number of forms. These forms are very important to your claim and will have a lot to do with determining whether or not you will win. It is very important that these forms are completed correctly. We encourage our clients to allow us to be involved in helping them fill out these initial forms.

It is also very important for you to understand that you have the burden of proof in presenting your claim for disability. It is not the Social Security Administration’s responsibility to prove your claim for you or to help you prove your claim. If there is insufficient evidence presented to prove your claim, you will lose your claim, regardless of whether or not you are actually disabled. An attorney who is familiar with the Social Security system and what it takes to win a disability claim can make a significant difference in winning your claim.

In fact, the United States Supreme Court determined that representation by an attorney was so important to a person pursuing a claim for Social Security benefits, that it now requires all the judges to advise unrepresented claimants, during the hearing, that they have a much better chance of winning their claim with the help of an attorney.

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