Social Security Disability Benefits for Those in Need

Social Security Disability Benefits

Dealing with a disability can be difficult, especially if it impacts your ability to do your job and be financially stable. However, there is a support system in place for those who need it most. The Second Chance Lawyer Merryl Jones has helped thousands of deserving Central Texans obtain the Social Security disability benefits they deserve. There are a number of factors to consider when applying for benefits, and it is important to understand the process and be well prepared when doing so.

How Does the Social Security Administration Decide if You are Disabled?

Before getting into the disability support available for you, it’s important to know how the Social Security Administration (SSA) determines whether or not you are disabled. There are five simple questions they ask: Are you working more than the allowable limits? Is your condition severe and expected to be disabling for 12 months or longer or end in death? Is your condition found in the list of disabling conditions  and meet or equal their criteria? Can you do the work you did previously? Can you do any other type of work?

Depending on your answers to these questions which do not need to all be “yes,” you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits and/or Supplemental Security Income Benefits.

The Two Types of Disability Benefits

When it comes to disability, there are two different types of federal benefits you can receive from the Social Security Administration. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits will provide you and your family with monthly benefits only if you have worked long enough and previously paid enough Social Security taxes.  There are exceptions if you are disabled adult child or widow.  In this case, SSA looks at the earnings of your parent or deceased spouse.  The other type of benefit is Supplemental Security Income which provides benefits based on your financial need regardless of previous work history and tax payments. However, you still must meet disability guidelines to receive if you are younger than full retirement age.

Upon receiving your application for either of the programs, the SSA will collect financial information to determine whether you are eligible to apply for either program. Once they decide you have met the non-medical requirements to apply, then medical information will be gathered to determine if you meet the medical requirements for disability.

What if My Claim is Denied?

Your disability claim can be denied for several reasons, either due to medical, financial, or other factors. If your claim is denied for medical reasons you can and should file an appeal.  If you are denied, working with an experienced lawyer like the team from Second Chance Lawyer can be beneficial and help make things much easier.

Let us help you get the Social Security disability benefits you deserve!

If you’re in the process of filing for disability or your claim has been denied, Second Chance Lawyer Merryl Jones can help. To learn more about how to get the benefits you deserve, contact us today online or call (254) 776-3611 (Waco, TX) or (254) 493-0345 (Temple, TX).



    The Social Security Administration’s own statistics show that claimants who use a lawyer are far more successful in winning their claim than those who don’t.


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