The Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Disability Firm in Texas

Finding the right social security disability law firm can sometimes be an overwhelming process. During your search, you will inevitably find some nationwide firms along with local lawyers and firms. In this post, we wanted to highlight the benefits of choosing an in-state option, and how Merryl Wash Jones’ firm can help you.

Three Reasons to Choose an In-State Law Firm

  • In-Person Communication & Meetings

One big benefit of choosing a social security disability law firm is that they will be able to handle your case and work with you in person. You will have access to an actual lawyer who can discuss and go over details and fully understands your case – this is especially beneficial when leading up to your case. Conversely, if you have a national firm on your side, you may be speaking to a paralegal or Junior Attorney. In some cases, you may never have to opportunity to actually speak to an attorney. A local social security disability firm will be there for all your needs, unlike with a national firm where you will be a case number and not given the proper attorney attention your case needs.

Also, you can always visit your local social security disability firm’s office to ask any questions or concerns you may have and see or sign any paperwork that is needed in a timely fashion.

  • Social Security Administration & Other Local Experience

A social security disability law firm and attorney that has local experience dealing with a Social Security office, specialists, and doctors, will have forged contacts and professional relationships with many of these people. This can prove to be very beneficial when dealing with cases and how it is both handled and prepared.

  • Local Firms Understand the Local Legal Landscape

When dealing with social security cases, all cases are initially heard by a state’s administrative law judge. Since all states and judges are different, it can be beneficial to have a local social security disability lawyer and firm that is familiar with the judge handling your case, and how they may handle your proceedings. There are many details and ways to present and highlight aspects of a case that a certain judge may prefer that only a local attorney will understand.

Social Security Attorney Merryl Jones (The Second Chance Lawyer) Can Help

To have your case evaluated for free and for more information in the event your Social Security claim was denied, contact the social security disability law firm of Merryl Jones today.