Preparing for a Social Security Disability Hearing in Waco, TX

Get Someone to Back You Up Before the Judge

When health issues compromised your ability to work, you were left wondering how you would pay for everyday expenses, let alone your mounting medical bills.

You thought Social Security Disability would offer some relief. Then your claim was denied.

You’ve been denied at every stage thus far, but now you have an important opportunity to secure your Social Security Disability benefits: Convincing a judge in person.

It’s intimidating, but it’s also one of your best chances of getting the support you need.

The best thing to do is prepare.

A 2017 report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office showed that people who had representation at their hearings were almost three times more likely to be awarded benefits.

Merryl Jones, the Second Chance Lawyer, has helped thousands of people in Waco and Central Texas prepare for hearings, win disability income and get their lives back on steady ground.

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What to Do before Your Social Security Disability Hearing

By the time your hearing date finally comes around, you’ve likely waited a long time. Before your hearing, you should:

  • Update your medical records proving your condition.
  • Get written documentation from your doctor about your limitations.
  • Write a preliminary statement explaining why your medical conditions keep you from working.
  • Prepare for questions that the judge may ask.

Working with an experienced disability lawyer like Merryl Jones takes the confusion and uncertainty out of the appeals process. She’ll take care of everything you need to make a strong case for benefits, so you can focus on what really matters: your health.

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What to Expect at Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Your hearing could be different from what you imagine. You won’t find a jury or opposing lawyer cross-examining you. Instead, your hearing takes place in a Social Security office with just a few people there, and the process usually takes less than one hour.

In addition to your lawyer, you will see these people in the hearing room:

  • The Social Security administrative law judge (ALJ)
  • The judge’s assistant
  • A doctor, if the judge requests one
  • Possibly a vocational expert who talks about jobs you can and can’t do

You should get ready for the judge’s questions about your condition and how it prevents you from working. Honest answers and concrete details are the best way to go.

The judge may ask you to describe a typical day and how your health problems have changed your routine. He or she might ask about your work history to determine what skills you have. It’s important to remember that your ALJ wasn’t involved in your previous denial, so that shouldn’t be used against you.

Some lawyers might not meet you in person until the day of your hearing. With Merryl Jones, you’ll meet with your lawyer in advance and go over your testimony, so you’re confident on your hearing day.

Once the hearing starts, she’ll explain your case to the judge, handle all the legal steps and procedures and question what the vocational or medical experts say about you.

Preparing for a Social Security Disability hearing in Waco can be daunting, but it’s also one of the most important steps in maintaining your independence.

Get the second chance you deserve.

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