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Tips for Having a Successful Social Security Disability Interview

In many cases when applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI), you’ll need to have an interview with a representative from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Whether you have a Social Security disability lawyer you’re working with or choose to do the interview alone, the team from Second Chance Lawyer has collected some important insights below to help you receive the benefits you deserve.

Try Not to Focus on Financial Difficulties

During your interview, it’s important not to focus too much on your financial difficulties. Although they’re certainly a main concern, doing so during your interview can impact the success of your claim. The SSA will be primarily interested in your specific medical condition and how it impacts your work and daily life.

Stick to the Facts

It’s extremely important to stick to the facts during your interview and provide accurate and honest answers to the questions you’re asked. The information you provide and discuss during your interview need to align with the information provided on your application and your medical records. It’s important not to give the SSA any reason to further scrutinize your disability claim.

Maintain a Respectful Tone

Regardless of whether you’re speaking about your employer or healthcare providers, it’s important to always maintain a respectful tone during your SSA interview. Don’t make negative comments about current or past employers, healthcare staff, doctors, nurses, or anyone else involved in your disability claim. Doing so can cast doubt on your claim.

Always Provide Answers/Information to the Questions You Are Asked

Refusing to provide information pertinent to your claim or answer questions during your interview will serve as a big red flag to SSA employees. Being cooperative when asked about your experience, medical history, work history, and daily life is key to receiving the benefits you’re applying for.

Be Honest About How Your Symptoms/Limitations Impact Your Life

Don’t downplay your symptoms or limitations during your interview. It’s normal to feel slightly embarrassed or uncomfortable speaking about more intimate personal and medical details, but the more honest you are about your situation the better understanding SSA representatives will have.

Discuss Assistive Devices & Special Arrangements

For those who use assistive devices like wheelchairs, canes, hearing aids, or anything else, it’s important to highlight this in your interview. Additionally, if any such devices have been labeled a “medical necessity” by doctors, let them know during your interview. Many individuals coping with chronic disabilities or diseases may have special arrangements, such as a modified work schedule tailored to accommodate their disability. Make sure to inform SSA representatives about these arrangements.

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