Applying for Social Security Disability benefits? Talk To a Local Disability Attorney First!

Applying For Social Security Disability? Talk To a Local Disability Attorney First!

If you’ve been injured in a way that leaves you unable to work for an extended period of time, and you’ve already paid into the Social Security system, there’s a good chance you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Unfortunately, the application process is long and complicated – and the people overseeing it will deny applications for even minor mistakes and errors.

That’s why it’s best to contact a local disability attorney in Waco before beginning your Social Security disability claim process. When you have a skilled lawyer on your side for the entire process, your chances of being approved go way up!

How can a disability lawyer help you navigate the Waco, TX, Social Security office bureaucracy? There are plenty of ways!

Why You Want a Great Local Disability Lawyer to Help File for Social Security Disability

1. Ensure all paperwork is handled correctly

It’s unfortunate, but even the most minor mistakes in your paperwork can lead to a denial – and there is a lot of paperwork. Having a lawyer and her experienced team on your side ensures all the submissions are fully complete, accurate, and formatted properly. This, by itself, increases your chances of approval.

2. Getting all the necessary documentation

The most crucial aspect of a Social Security disability application is proving that you are genuinely unable to work, and that requires a lot of official medical documentation. A skilled disability attorney knows what paperwork you need, and how to obtain it – such as the best ways of contacting medical offices for your files.

3. Skilled representation during appeals

The truth is that the majority of Social Security disability claims are denied on the first attempt. You actually have a better chance of winning your claim on appeal. When you have a lawyer who is fully briefed on your case, and has been involved since the beginning, they’ll be in the best possible position to advocate on your behalf.

When Should You Contact a Local Disability Attorney in Waco?

It should happen as early as possible in the process. If you’ve been injured and it’s already impacting your life, or you’re concerned about your ability to keep working, you should go ahead and schedule a free consultation to talk about your case. Your disability lawyer can go over your situation, listen to you describe how it’s impacted your life, and advise you on whether to go ahead with the application process.

Local Disability Lawyer

Merryl Jones, Second Chance Lawyer, is Waco’s go-to expert in Social Security disability claims! She specializes in helping people who’ve been denied get the second chance they deserve, and win the benefits they’re entitled to.

If you’ve been injured and it’s harming your productivity, contact Merryl Jones, Second Chance Lawyer, in Waco today!