Tips for Finding a Good Social Security Disability Attorney

Social Security disability cases are rarely black and white. This means that often your case could be denied the first time, or you may have trouble filing your Social Security disability application, to begin with. It’s important to understand that the more information you have about your case, the better the chances are that your benefits will be approved.

That’s why many choose to work with an experienced Social Security disability attorney, like Merryl Jones, Second Chance Lawyer. Here we’ve collected some of the best ways to find a reliable disability attorney to help you get your benefits.


Ask Friends & Family

 One good way to find a reliable disability insurance lawyer is by asking your friends and family members. Perhaps they’ve gone through a similar situation and have someone in mind. When asking, be sure to find out whether they felt the lawyer was a good advocate for their case and how their communication skills were. You can also ask if they followed through on all of their commitments.


Ask Lawyers You’ve Worked with Before

 If you have worked with a lawyer before on another case, perhaps a marriage or divorce, then ask them if they know anyone that is a Social Security disability lawyer. This is a good route because lawyers are often careful with the referrals they make; after all, their reputation is on the line.


Contact the Local Bar Association

 Another great way to obtain a Social Security disability lawyer is to contact your local bar association. They’ll know who to put you in touch with because it’s their job to connect lawyers with clients. In many cases, you can also search online based on where you live and a number of lawyers that are members of your local bar association will come up.


Ask People Who Have Been Through Something Similar

 Asking people who have been in a similar situation or hired a Social Security disability attorney before is a good way to find one. You can discuss details of the process and ask how the lawyer helped them through that process. Perhaps you’ve met such people in the community or at the hospital on doctor’s visits. Next time, don’t be afraid to ask about their experience.


How to Decide Upon the Best Disability Attorney

 After you’ve found a few Social Security disability attorneys that have a solid reputation, it’s time to make your decision. How do you do that? Think of it as a job interview in which you want to choose the best candidate. Many lawyers will provide free consultations.

Some of the best ways to determine if you’ve found the best Social Security disability lawyer for you are to determine:

  • If the attorney can make enough time to give your case the utmost attention:

    Lawyers are often very busy. That doesn’t mean that hiring a busy lawyer will weigh heavily upon your case, but it is something important to consider. The best lawyer you can choose is one that can give you their full attention. Any that seem like they’re in a rush or not fully paying attention should be avoided.

  • You feel comfortable:

    You’ll be meeting and working with your Social Security disability lawyer a lot, so it’s important you choose one that makes you feel comfortable. A good disability lawyer will make it their job to understand your disability and history. Some of these things may be uncomfortable for you to talk about, so choose a lawyer that puts you at ease. If your lawyer makes you feel judged or uncomfortable, continue searching for someone that doesn’t.

  • Going local:

    There are great Social Security disability attorneys all over the country, but that doesn’t mean they’re right for you. When applying for, or appealing a denial of your Social Security disability case, it always helps to have a local attorney at your side. This is because they’ll have a relationship with the local Social Security Administration Office responsible for processing your case. Additionally, they’ll likely have relationships with the judges that may be hearing your appeal and know precisely the type of personal, financial, and medical information they’re looking for.


Let Second Chance Lawyer be your Social Security disability attorney!

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