How Long Does it Take To Get SSI or SSDI if You Have A Lawyer?

When it comes to obtaining Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) there are a variety of different reasons to retain an attorney, especially if your claim has been denied once before or you’re appealing a claim. However, when working with an SSI lawyer, it’s important to understand that although it can be very beneficial, it won’t necessarily speed up the process of obtaining a hearing or having your claim resolved.

As one of the leading SSI and SSDI law firms in Texas, the team from Second Chancer Lawyer reviews some of the benefits of working with a lawyer for your disability claims.  What can you expect and how long will it take for your disability appeal to be approved?

How Do SSI Lawyers Help?

 Working with a lawyer might not necessarily make the approval or claims process go quicker, but attorneys can help ensure you don’t make mistakes during the process that will result in delays. Delays are most often caused by procedural mistakes when it comes to filing or obtaining the necessary paperwork for your claim.

If your claim is granted, working with a lawyer can actually help you obtain your benefits more quickly. Although not always the case, an experienced SSI lawyer will often have a good working relationship with both the Social Security Administration (SSA) in addition to the administrative law judges and staff at your local SSA office.

An experienced SSI lawyer will have a clear understanding of the necessities to help win your benefits as soon as possible.  They have knowledge of writing briefs, and local attorneys understand how particular judges like to see each brief presented. They will also ensure the documentation needed to prove your case, such as medical evidence and paperwork proving your financial state, are ready for at the time of your hearing.

How Long Will it Take To Receive My Benefits?

 There are many different factors that could affect the length of time it takes for your claim to be approved or to receive your benefits.  The number of people currently applying for benefits, the time it takes to compile your supporting documentation, whether there is a need to appeal your case, as well as the current economic factors affecting the SSA can all impact the speed of resolving your case.

How Long Does it Take to File for My Benefits?

 Filing for your SSI or SSDI benefits can take anywhere from a month to years, depending on your location and how complicated your case is. When initially applying, it is not uncommon that it takes at least six months to receive a decision. For those whose claims are denied it is important to request reconsideration through appeal.  This process often takes anywhere from two to six months. Those denied a second time have the right to appeal and request a hearing in front of an administrative law judge.  Depending on where you’re located, receiving a hearing date could take anywhere from several months to a year.

What Should I Do If My Claim Has Been Denied?

 If your SSI or SSDI claim has been denied, hiring an attorney to work with you during the appeals process is always recommended. This is because navigating the legal system can be particularly complicated.  Obtaining and filing the proper paperwork is essential for your case. When working with an SSI lawyer, they should work on a contingency basis. This means that there are no fees or costs that you would have to pay upfront.

If you don’t win your claim while working with a lawyer, you won’t need to pay a fee. If your claim is granted, SSI lawyers will often get a fee that amounts to approximately 25% of your retroactive benefits.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Decision After My Hearing?

 After you have your SSI or SSDI hearing in front of a judge, it can still take a few months to receive a written decision. The decision will come in the mail from the judge and is often anywhere from 10-15 pages.  It will explain the outcome of your case, and outline why it was judged favorably or not.

How Much Does SSDI Pay?

 For those wondering how much they’ll be granted should their claim be approved, the amount will be a calculation of the size of your past monthly paychecks.  It is based on the amount of money you made while working, as well as the amount you paid into Social Security during that time. This means that every situation is different.

In 2021 the average monthly benefit recipients received was around $1,277 per month, with a maximum of $2,861 monthly. Supplemental security income, another kind of benefit recipients may receive, was approximately $794 for individuals and $1,191 for couples in 2021.

Will My SSI or SSDI Cover All My Health Costs?

 If you qualify for SSI benefits, you will automatically receive Medicaid benefits.  If you qualify for SSDI benefits, you will be eligible for Medicare.  Those who are receiving SSDI benefits become eligible for Medicare on the 30th month after the official date their disability benefits began. Since you’ll be credited for the time you spent waiting for your benefits to be approved the waiting period usually winds up being much shorter.

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