When Should I Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

Before running out to hire a social security disability lawyer, there are a few things to consider. However, cost should be the least of your concern.  When it comes to costs, there are a lot of misconceptions; but most fees are set by the Social Security Administration. In fact, social security disability lawyers, Merryl Jones from Second Chance Lawyer included, receive payment only if your case is won. There are no fees required upfront.

But Why Should I Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

There a number of reasons why one might consider hiring a social security disability lawyer. The first being that if you plan on filing for disability, then you generally have a greater chance of your case being approved when working with an experienced lawyer. This is because the right disability lawyer will have years of expertise and understand what needs to be done from day one of the application process all the way to your final hearing.

At the hearings claimants will be required to arrive with specific paperwork to be ready which might include everything from a note from your doctor to other medical evidence supporting your disability. A reliable disability attorney will know you personally along with all of the details of your case.  They can help ensure all of the paperwork and evidence you will need to present a strong case is in order, and they will help you collect it.

The benefits of hiring a disability lawyer don’t stop there. If your case should be denied for one reason or another, and most initial claims are denied, then you will want a disability attorney to file an appeal for your disability claim. They will be able to argue on your behalf and help the court determine whether the Social Security Administration wrongly denied your right to the benefits you deserve.

Should I Call for a Disability Lawyer?

Usually, the sooner you can start collecting evidence and preparing for hearings, then the better. So, it is recommended you contact an experienced social security disability lawyer as soon as you decide to file for disability. That way you can take the time to prepare the strongest possible case, backed by all of the necessary documents and evidence collected by you and your lawyer.

Let us be your Social Security disability lawyer!

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