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5 Tips for Finding a Great Disability Lawyer 

When applying for disability, working with a reliable disability lawyer can make the process much easier and more efficient. However, how do you go about finding the perfect lawyer for your needs? 

Here, Merryl Jones, Second Chance Lawyer, offers some key tips to help you find the best disability lawyer near you! 

1. Ask About Approval Rates 

When searching for a reliable disability lawyer, it’s important to ask about their overall percentage of approval rates, in addition to what percentage were at the appeals level. Additionally, inquire what percentage of the cases they won were approved for full or partial benefits. 

2. Inquire About their Credentials 

A licensed attorney will have a much better understanding of Social Security law and be able to serve as your attorney should you need to appeal at the federal level. Don’t be afraid to ask how long they’ve been practicing law, if they’ve received any additional training or certifications, how long they’ve been practicing in your area, and how many cases they handle per year.

3. Look for Red Flags 

One of the biggest red flags when it comes to disability lawyers is promises of outcomes on your case. An honest disability attorney can be frank with you about your chances of approval, but promising approval should raise an immediate red flag; that choice is left up to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Attorneys asking for payment upfront should also be avoided as the majority of reliable disability attorneys will only ask for payment once your case is approved. 

4. Office and Case Management Practices 

When working with a disability attorney, communication and organization are key. This means they should have a reliable support staff working with them, as well as be upfront about what they can offer you in terms of time spent on your case. This can include everything from face-to-face meetings to collecting documents on your behalf. 

5. Special Knowledge of Your Condition 

The SSA has a specific list of conditions that need to be met to qualify for disability, and it’s important your disability lawyer has crystal clear insight into your condition. Ask them if they’ve worked with clients with your condition before and what the outcomes have been. 

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