Social Security Disability Insurance: 4 Must-Know Facts!

Social Security Disability Insurance: 4 Must-Know Facts!

When it comes to Social Security disability income benefits, there are some important things to make note of before applying, from the time you need to apply to what are the qualification requirements. That’s why many choose to work with a Social Security lawyer like Merryl Jones, Second Chance Lawyer, to help them navigate the process.

Here we’ve collected some of the most important facts to consider!

1. Work Plays a Large Role in Eligibility

Your past work history plays a large role in whether you’ll be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. A big part of the decision to award or deny you benefits is based on your current ability to work, in addition to the income you make. If you’re not capable of working at all, this is also taken into consideration.

2. Two Main Social Security Programs Provide Disability Benefits

It’s not always commonly known, but there are actually two different Social Security Administration (SSA) programs that provide aid to those with disabilities: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The former requires you to qualify and suffer from a disability approved by the SSA. The latter requires you to suffer from an approved disability and also meet certain income requirements. In some cases, people qualify to receive both.

3. Children Are Eligible for Benefits

Children under the age of 18 or who are still enrolled in high school are eligible to receive disability benefits based on their disabled parents records.  These benefits are paid the custodial parent for the benefit of the child until they turn 18 unless still enrolled in high school. 

4. You Need to Have Worked Recently

In most cases, you’ll need to have recently worked to be eligible for SSDI benefits, paying a certain amount of taxes to the SSA that is measured in credits. You need a specific amount of credits to qualify for SSDI based on your age and they must have been earned in the decade before you became disabled.

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