The Who’s, What’s and Why’s of Your Social Security Medical Exam

In many cases, those trying to obtain Social Security disability benefits will have to show proof of their disability. However, where does that proof come from? Well, most often, you’ll be required to show documents and statements from your general medical practitioner of the extent of your disability. But the Social Security Administration (SSA) may also schedule their own medical examination for you to determine your ability to work and the extent of your disability.

As one of today’s leading social security disability lawyers, Merryl Jones from Second Chance Lawyer has helped many obtain the benefits they deserve. Here we’ve collected some of the most important things to consider if you’ve been asked to undergo a consultative examination by the SSA.


Why Would the SSA Request a Medical Examination?

 The primary reason that the SSA often requests consultative medical examinations is when it determines that the medical evidence provided by someone seeking benefits seems to be lacking in some areas, or they feel that the claimant hasn’t seen a doctor for a long time.


Who Performs Consultative Medical Exams for the SSA?

 If you’ve been required to undergo a consultative medical exam for the SSA, it will be conducted by a licensed physician, not anyone from the SSA. These physicians will offer an independent diagnosis. So, there is no need to be concerned that there will be any biases regarding your case.


What is the Purpose of a Consultative Medical Exam?

 As briefly mentioned above, the purpose of a consultative medical exam is to determine without a shadow of a doubt whether an SSA disability claimant is eligible for benefits based on their medical condition. The consultation will provide the SSA with a better idea of your condition and limitations and can range from physical, psychological, or psychiatric evaluations depending upon your condition.

In addition to the examinations mentioned above, you may also be required to have bloodwork done or x-rays taken, or have your eyes checked.

What Types of Issues Could Arise When a Consultative Exam is Requested?

 When it comes to determining your eligibility for a disability claim, consultative examinations aren’t always the best way to obtain medical evidence of your condition. First, you’ll be seeing a doctor you’ve never seen before meaning they likely won’t be as knowledgeable about your case and medical history as your regular doctor. Additionally, it may be a relatively brief process meaning that your exam might not be as comprehensive as needed.


What Does it Mean if the SSA Schedules a Consultative Exam?

 At the very least, if the SSA schedules a consultative medical examination for you, it means that your case is being processed. Sometimes, all the administration will need is a few additional x-rays or evidence to make their decision. However, it can also mean that you haven’t provided adequate medical evidence of your condition along with your request for SSA disability benefits. It can also indicate that you’ve only been treated by a doctor sporadically which might appear as a red flag to the SSA. Unfortunately, you won’t specifically be told why you need a consultative exam; but simply that you need to undergo one.


What Happens if I Miss My SSA Consultative Exam?

 It’s extremely important that you make it to the consultative exam that the SSA has scheduled for you or do your best to reschedule it. If you do not, your claim can be denied outright because there isn’t enough medical evidence to demonstrate your eligibility for benefits. If this happens, you’ll want to hire a Social Security disability lawyer to appeal your case.


What Does the Consultative Exam Report Contain?

 After being examined, the licensed physician will then provide a report to the SSA that includes a number of things, such as their specific findings and results of any physical or psychological examinations. Often, the doctor will include a diagnosis of your condition and a clear statement of what they believe you’re capable of doing. They may also choose to include some notes on whether they believe your condition is as serious as you say or not.

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